first YUM YUM in 2008 – this Friday January 4th @ Registratur


YY-Jan1-vorne.jpg Happy new year everyone. Sorry for not posting lately. I’ve been in Hamburg over NYE. Actually i am still here recovering and really chilling. I had to have some time to regroup myself. Just wanted to announce that this Friday we are having our very first YUM YUM in 2008. The DJ lineup will be Chrome, Jaws & Schu. All the original cast. The Registratur repaired their f***** up heating from what i hear so – no more people freezing to death.
We do not have our monthly YUM YUM top tune selection for January done yet, but at least below you will find the year-end selections of some of our Djs. !!!**** and Ps a great new tune by Dan who did one fine version of “Hate on me” – which is this year very first posted YUM YUM version. Big ups to Dan and expect to see it in this months top tune selection. The promised christmas present will be online by Monday January 7th. Takes some serious time putting that thing together, whoops – almost let it slip.. And also a couple ones are gonna be handed out this Friday. hint: you can read it.

So catch you Friday night with an exquisite new YUM YUM featuring the original cast.