The Rub – our guests @ next YUM YUM (Munich, NRW, Moscow & Hamburg)


Bild 5.pngThe Rub is a dj collective from NY… If you don’t know them or if you wanna know them – why dont you read for yourself what they do and what the press has to say about them. Not much to be said on our side, but they are the US equivalent of YUM YUM and do stateside what we do here. So looking forward to our guests at the very next YUM YUM. (the Lineup is Cosmo Baker & Dj Eleven).
this is their website. do yourself a favour and check their mp3 section.

catch them on Brooklyn radio and check out their mixes & mixtapes (about 30 mixes available!!).


YUM YUM Munich,Fr April 18th @ Registratur
YUM YUM NRW,Sat April 19th @ 100Meister
YUM YUM Moscow, on April 24th @ Solyanka
and in Hamburg at good friends Assoto on April 25th @ Niedclub

ps the last time they played at YUM YUM was in sept 06 and they almsot died on they way from the airport to the club, when the breaks in the chevy didnt work anymore – while they were rolling on the highway. so lets see who’s gonna pick them up this time..

ps YUM YUM Vol.7 will be given out @ YUM YUM on Friday April 18th.