The Winner of our YUM YUM Skateboard


The funniest things submitted were:

yumym skateboard Kopie.jpgAlexander Mann – The Axis of Evil Figurines.

Paaminga sent this nice funky mix which they put up on their mayspace site this sunday. Put it on a filesharing site so people can download it directly. These guys throw down a party this Thursday – August 9th at the betty ford clinic

Katha sent us back our very own MY GIRL remix. Now that´s a real compliment. Thanks K.
Surf sent us this Charlie Brown/ Outkast Mashup Video.
Seen it before but i still love it.
Helena sent us this Australian beer commercial which is funny as hell. Great one.
Toby submitted this Eurythmics/ Eminem mashup which i think is a bit obvious. You decide.
Kelly likes Shoes – Video was submitted by Dominik.
Timo sent us this Motown Mashup collection by Zamali and others. Found 2 good songs here.

So these are the best contenders and i really can+t make up my mind. Please write me back and tell me which ones you like best. My contact is We will let you know by the mid of this week. Please help me out here or i will have to draw straws and let fate decide