True Blood Season Finale sucked…



…or is it just me? havent been involved in a tv show that much in a long time. with characters as uniquily dumb and full of clichees as Andy Bellefleure, Jason Stackhouse or Lafayette. Seldomly have i seen a show with characters packed that were as intriguingly dumb as these guys. I LOVED IT. it was all working towards the big finale, EP 10 was on some town turns Zombie shit and then EP 11, which was nothing but an hour long lead-in to nothing, where is did all that real looney stuff go, christian fanatics? the god with horns? etc – all the magic d’esprit just went “poof”. Imagine going to a 8 course meal and getting some Freedom fries served as the main menue. Sookie & Bill are on some Twilight crap – screw that. To put it into Andy Bellefleures Words “Aww Shiaat. i don’t believe it. you devil – worshipping whores” or simly LAAAAME

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