Why Dennis Kucinich should be the next President



All 3 links are via the largest minority or jwharrison.com, a great site with accurate political reports that i link to regularly.
Peace is inevitable” – Bill Maher interviews Dennis Kucinich. “He’s probably the most rational candidate, yet considered crazy by mainstream media conglomerates. Dennis is honest, he will end the “war on drugsâ€?, he’s been against the “war on terrorâ€? since the beginning, he opposes offensive wars in general, he’s filed articles of impeachment against Dick Cheney, he believes in universal healthcare, he’s an environmentalist, and he has the balls to say he wouldn’t assassinate Osama bin Laden. That last fact may be a bit shocking to some of us who’ve grown accustomed to our country carrying out “targeted killingsâ€? against suspected terrorists. However, executing a suspect without trial, regardless of who they are, is against international law. Not to mention, the majority of people killed in our manhunts are always innocent civilians.”
Muny Light and the plot to assasinate Dennis Kucinich. “Like all great men, Dennis was targeted for assassination, but was fortunately spared by other health problems. This is the kind of person we need in the White House. Someone who will stand up against the corruption and greed of his fellow presidential candidates, top tier Democrats included.”
3 Videos: Your daily dose of Dennis “Dennis’ plan for Healthcare is posted below the fold, along with his criticism of the Iraq Supplemental Bill which will privatize Iraqi oil. The third video is a more light-hearted interview.”