Why Hip Hop sucks in 2000 (7 year old article)


BRICK03TS(2).jpgWhy Hip Hop sucks in 2000

Dj Shadow – Why Hip Hop sucks in 1996 (11 years old) –
A quick sidenote: too bad for the Shadow following, but at one point he has relized that his rebellious position as an opposite to mainstream Hip Hop was a position that he could no longer maintain, after his following grew older and lost their interest for music, as in every generation – thus forcing an artist to reinvent himself. That’s when he lost in my eyes and made his biggest mistake – by trying to become the very same clichee that he protested against, in 1996 (of course in a more decent and way less self exposing way). His classic are great and maybe he will find something new and will come up with another imortant album/song that will change the rules of music again, as did “Endtroducing”.

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