why twitter, facebook & even email will become obsolete in a short amount of time


Why Twitter will soon become obsolete. via imediaconnection.com

Google Waves – With systems like these.. the old instruments look kinda archaic, dont they?

ps on Android and people who should shut the eff up.

even though i own an iphone and am thoughly enjoying the App craze thats sweeping the planet, i think Android will be the winner in the long run, just for the reason that its open source. The Apple App shop reminds me of the way itunes used to be. Nowadays nobody is buying stuff there anymore – and why should you, all information should be free. The music is on the websites/blogs of the artists themselves or on some trusted blogs…. ps had the same talk this past weekend and here is what some doofuses where giving me…

“..Well but how can you compare a phone to music?…” – First of, in the language of bits and pieces its all information, nothing more nothing less – no matter what label you tag onto it. And second why did you send me to school, if not to learn how to ask – to become a Robot – just to follow not to lead? Without new Qs no innovation and progress… Singalong in the endless, repetitive choruses of the too gladly lobotomized masses?!? No, but thank you. If we are having this discussion, we cant have a straight talk from Neandethal to modern Homo Sapien, because we would have to meet at Cro Magnon and that somehow doesnt work out, concerning what subject we are talking about…

anyway … all Hail the Hypno Toad!