Wilhem Reich & the Orgone Accumulator


Wilhelm Reichcloudbuster.jpg
Wikipedia on Wilhelm Reich , the man who was known throughout the states in the early 50ies as the rainmaker, and a short & powerful film re-enacting the story of Wilhelm Reich and how the Orgone Accumulator or Cloudbuster worked. Like many bright minds of any era he ended his life rotting in jail and his work and his many books were burned (in the US). He fled Nazi Germany to end his life in a US prison (now that is far from irony).
Also watch this Communist propaganda video (actually audio) telling you about Reichs sexual-economic research documented and misused for filme der sexpol while telling comrade lovers to “f$6§ freely”.
Ps – the orgone energy is what is known through asian kung fu and other ways as the chi. The flowing energy. here is a somewhat funny video on the orgone energy, which is being used widely for healing people in what we are told to be unconventional methods.