Win this YUM YUM Skateboard!


yumym skateboard Kopie.jpgWe are giving away this customized YUM YUM Skateboard.

The Skateboard was designed by “Räuber & Milchmann” and will be the first one in a line of YUM YUM boards. Its supposed to be a little reminder for this Saturdays YUM YUM @ Erste Liga.
Here is what you have to do: Send us an email with a link or an mp3 to what you think is the best or most outstanding Track/ Song/ Version/ Mashup or Remix at present. And if you haven’t heard any good songs recently, send us a link to the funniest or most astounding thingie you have come across. (This months YUM YUM Top Tune Selection)
We will try to post most of it.
Send it to The winner will be announced next Monday.