YUM YUM Cologne starts this Friday!

YUM YUM Cologne starts this Friday!
November 26th
Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld (via Google Maps)
Chrome // Tand Williams // Cem!
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Finally YUM YUM takes place in Cologne on a regular base, starting this Friday @ Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld. Really lookin foward to a massive dance with Chrome, Tand Williams  and Cem responsible for the music

Since this is gonna be a monthly venue, make sure to go sign up with our Cologne Facebook Group, will be supplying you once a month with party invites, new YUM YUM top tunes & our mixtapes (cause party invites only, definitely suck – we had to find out the hard way, like i guess everyone else on facebook). Our Cologne Goodie Mail (Newsletter) with bonus downloads & other gifts will be available for Cologne from January 2011 on.

Ps – pls let your peoples in Cologne know about our brandnew and official start and RSVP to the event on Facebook.

Ps we will hand out the brandnew YUM YUM Mixcds on Friday! Be in early and grab one, while supplies last. Will be online in one weeks so make sure to get one ahead!

Really looking forward to this one! A massive night ahead of us and really nice seeing some old friends again.