YUM YUM coming this Friday September 1st


snoopynfriends.jpgBack to the original team of Chrome and Jaws. That is what its about this Friday, with plenty of exclusives as found below in our YUM YUM top Tune selection for September. It is more tracks than usal and it could have been even more – from the sheer amount summertree.jpgof new YUM YUM Sound that we have come up with for september. Be on the lookout for an unfinished Rock n Roll Version of Gnarls Barkleys Smiley Faces & the jackson 5. This Friday special Guest will be MaiMun – go check them out in the second area for something new & special.. Looking forward to flowers.jpgplaying with my very own records and not Schus, as last time. A monster of a night ahead of us. Bring a friend..
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