YUM YUM Exhibition (w KSwiss) @ Amen (Sept 19th – Oct 2nd)


Bild2.pngYes, hands down, we are having a YUM YUM exhibition at Amen (Müllerstr/ Cornelius str), just in time before this Friday YUM YUM. Some of the Artwork for our Flyers, with which we have come up with in the past years, will be shown and our new YUM YUM tees (designed by Zonders, Sonnenstrasse, Räuber & Milchmann) will be shocased, which will be followed by a German YUM YUM Mini-Tour in November called “All i can do is love you” (Frankfurt, Munich & Berlin). Those 3 cities will from that point on have an official & monthly YUM YUM venue. (The residents and promoters will be Schowi, Ben Mono, Hannibal, Julian Smith and some more which i am myself not really aware of).

Enjoy the Artwork: Its gonna be on display from Friday Sept 19th to October 2nd – always between 11-8. Check them out and send us some feedback.