YUM YUM resident Moscow – Pasha – 1st mixtape



Last Friday was an amzing night at YUM YUM Moscow. We had a great guest from the UK – Ala Fu – here is a proper full on. But the main attraction is i guess coming from our resident Pasha who (equipped with all our musical material and all the latest treats and remixes) just knows how to throw down a party, and not worry about ‘bending’ the rules of the game too much. suck on it Hip Hop Gestapo. He seems to play in the same vein as Tand Williams, Not:Fx, Schowi Schu and the rest of the YUM YUM clout this site of the curtain. Surely a couple of things have to be understood and they only come by experience and persistence but the motivation is right and here is a first mixtape he made. It is called YUM YUM Moscow – and it surely is a good one, but we have to meet more often with Pasha to fully include him into the crew to make him see even more things. This will broaden his horizon for more material and make him do tapes the way he djs live – which is surely better. While this mix of his might not be surprising to most of us in Europe, it sure is a kick in the head in Moscow, … but – and thats just how i am – it could be better – and the next one will be better – always reaching for the sky…

One things for sure – welcome aboard the YUM YUM train, Pasha – let see how far we can take this.

Pasha Fookin _ 1st YUM YUM Moscow mix

and his first version:  Young Buck vs YYT – Bedroom Buck