YUM YUM – review and YUM YUM Vinyls



The first sun rays of the year came out just in time for another great YUM YUM. So last Friday was off the hook, everything was working smoothly – as far as I could tell, but I really couldn’t because I was completely wasted and far off in La-LA-Land. So to be honest I don’t really remember how the music or any other thing was, but I guess it wasn’t too bad or it wouldn’t have been still packed at 6.30 in the morning. Enough of the bla and simply thanks for making it mine and thanks for supporting the ever growing YUM YUM Sound.
PS Don’t know if you’ve seen it but our YUM YUM Vinyl was flooding the streets last week and some happy pedestrians got to take some of our artwork home. Here’s a gallery. Enjoy this and all our fine new goodies. Now – Posting every day of the week.

PS – this Saturday (april 29th) we are having our second Beebo Party at the Zerwirk Club. See how that will turn out, with neat support from the WE/SC shop. Djs are Chrome and Roland Arnold from Amp Soul. So it all stays in the family. More infos hopefully to be found at www.beebo.de . More music coming this week. Stay tuned..