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Penauts_hugsnkisses.jpgLast Fridays YUM YUM was mad packed. Too bad the situation with the second area wasn’t cleared, as it was shut down early while there still were masses of people inside. The whole night was for a YUM YUM night a bit too much reggae flavoured – as of course the Roots Rockers were playing in the main area. I know a wee bit of the YUM YUM sound was missing and it wasn’t the regular kind of night, but it was good after all and next time it YUMYUMnov3rd.jpgwill be back to the YUM YUM Sound in its original content and style. With the original cast/crew of Chrome & Jaws. So next big YUM YUM night with a new playlist on Friday November 3rd 2006. Looking forward. Stay tuned for next months top tune selection and enjoy our new goodies and new posts found below. Hope you enjoy last Fridays free Mixcds. They are also to be found at Chicas, We Shop & Play Records. PS. fellow colleague Tand Williams set up a YUM YUM account on myspace. Anyways listen to the music . YUM YUM on myspace.