summervibesncool.jpgYUM YUM Special – was a bright moment for the leading Djs in NYC to finally play in Europe. To all our guests: Sorry for the mad entry price that night but it costed us a fortune having everybody come down during Oktoberfest. (let’s not eben get into the details of the hotels, flights, etc.).Too bad it was on a Thursday and the cursed Oktoberfest was on, that somehow manages to turn every civilized being into a savage within minutes. There are not too many people in the world doing that special thing we are doing like mixing their own sound and having their very own sound to play, so when it comes to that we better get them people booked here and Thursday was the only option.Great meeting the people from the Rub, who are really the coolest. Of course it isn’t really YUM YUM Sound they are playing it is much rougher and more Hip Hop or Rock, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles in the States. Don’t you worry we are having a little break before we will be back on October the 6th,just in time to make sure the Oktoberfest is over. With neat new mixes and a new Mixtape that is going to be out this week or latest next week. Working on new versions. So stay tuned and enjoy.