YUM YUM this Friday & Saturday (April 20th & 21st)


lagoon(2).jpgHands down, this Friday a new YUM YUM will find its way into the Registratur in Munich with Djs Chrome, Tand Williams – and second area funk overlords Bob & Al from Pistola #1. The lineup for Saturdays YUM YUM in NRW will be Tand Wiliams & Max – make sure to bring your sunshine cause it is gonna be some huge summer buisness going down on both nights.
C05-008(2).jpg To get warmed up, here is this Aprils YUM YUM top tune selection and speaking of tunes, some nut, and reader of this site has designed a YUM YUM radio all by himself!!! I am just currently listening to it.
Check out YUM YUM Radio!!! – everything is just dead on, with the way the songs & mixes are played and by the sheer wide variety of songs… And the stream is 64kbit as far as i can tell. What a lovely inspiration to listen to while working – thanks buddy and keep up the good work and keep us informed.
surf_dude.jpgAnyhow, have fun with plenty of new goodies found below, like the Ludacris vs Jackson 5 free album, or the Gnarls Barkley vs Biggie free mash-album, and make sure to see us on both these huge nights on Friday & Saturday. ++++ I finally rediscovered my love for music. Sending you butterflies and still working on a new mixtape… Gonna be a massive weekend, with the comic books published on monday. See you.