YUM YUM this weekend Friday 18th and Saturday 19th


laurynmashup1.jpgTwo great new YUM YUMs ahead of usSummer seems to make a little comeback or a quick step revisit this weekend and so does YUM YUM. Friday August 18th YUM YUM is back on at Registratur / München and just one day late Tand & Family are running things up north with YUM YUM NRW this Saturday August 19th at Hundertmeister. In addition here are two new YUM YUM tunes : Mary J Blige vs the Game(YUM YUM Version) & And personal favourite – Damien Marley vs Aguilera (YUM YUM) peanutsbeach.jpg
Also on another note:Good friend and producer Notfx sent us this refix of just previously posted Lilly Allen and alltime favourite Lauryn Hill. Another neat new YUM YUM Version – and mix of Doo Wop and Smile. Hope you enjoy all of these three tunes and we’re all backflip.jpg
looking forward to some seriously heavy monster nights this weekend. see you in a a blink…

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