YUM YUM tomorrow Friday May 11th at Registratur


yy_plakat_mai_11_Kopie(2).jpgThere is a new YUM YUM coming your way tomorrow night, with Djs Chrome & (long time friend and associate) Marek from La Boutique. While the second area is being run by The Ferris fellas, Max Mausser & Notfx, who play 80ies tunes in a hiphop style. Think Spinbads “Rock da Casbah”. While in the Main area we will come up with the latest YUM YUM tunes to date and some all time goodies. This months YUM YUM top tune selection was widely cheered last Friday. But tomorrow it is back to the YUM YUM sound as we know it. Be in for a massive night as YUM YUM becomes a weekly venue for the remaining time of the Registratur (closes June 23rd). Photo comic book coming on Monday, as usual. New YUM YUM Vinyl Art is out in the streets and we will post a proper documentation on Monday as well. Below you will find plenty of Futurama related links and goodies – actually all things Futurama. Still hooked on this show, which is in for a comeback 2008! Just read the posts below. So be in for a treat and a truly lovely night tomorrow, see you in a bit.