YUM YUM Top Tune Selection for August

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It’s been a beautiful summer so far, with global warming doing the sunny work for the otherwise sucking areas of the planet. For even more fun on this subject. check Al Gore’s “An Inconveneint truth” for a reality check. Nonetheless, this months YUM YUM Top Tune selection got us hot, cause we couldn’t make our minds up. So we included more tunes than normally. Too much new stuff we are listening to at present. So here we go – enjoy:
1. “Blow your Sound” Sean Paul vs Eve & Dr Dre (YUM YUM Version)
2. “Ain’t no other Sound” Dam. Marley vs C. Aguilera (YUM YUM Ver)
3. “Break off” Mary j Blige vs Dr.Dre (YUM YUM Version)
4. “It keeps Raining” Bitty Mclean / Peckings
5. “Smile(when i see you cry)” Lilly Allen
6. “Downpressor Man” Sinead O’Connor with SLy & Robbie
7. “Bizness” Talib Kweli
8. “Fake tales of San Francisco” Arctic Monkeys
9. “Caan Hold us Down” Barrington Levy & Gentleman
10. “The last time” Gnarls Barkley[tags]YUM YUM Sound, Lily Allen, Sinead O’Connor, Sly & Robbie, Mary J. Blige, Talib kweli, Arctic Monkeys, Barrington levy, Gentleman, Gnarls Barkley, Bitty mclean, Damian Marley, Aguilera, Dr.Dre, Sean Paul, Blacksmith, Peckings, YUM YUM top tune selection, august, Summer tunes, [/tags]