YUM YUM this Friday Dec 7th @ Registratur + a nice Bmore version


64879418_894994a82e_m.jpgJoin us for a new YUM YUM night this Friday @ Registratur with Djs Chrome, Jaws & Schu where we`ll play the people music . It will be packed with loads of new music, and on that note: Make sure to recheck our latest YUM YUM mixtapes here. For all of you who are waiting for the new Top tunes selection – you need to hold out till wednesday – still adding the last finishing touches. That long the past top tune selections & a new YUM YUM version will have to suffice: Tand Williams rmx of Sharon Jones’ 100 Days & 100 Nights (YUM YUM Bmore edit). While the bmore hype is slowly but surely fading out we still pretty much enjoy these breaks and it sure is a crowdpleaser. Ps – the passed week most of the YUM YUM crowd has come together for a remix of the last Mary J. Blige tune: “Just fine” – Check out all the individual “fine” mixes here.

catch a breath and see you back this wednesday on this site for our brandnew top tunes selection and a musical update before we rush off into the weekend.