last YUM YUM in 2007 this friday night @ Registratur


-11.png this Friday, december 21st, is our very last YUM YUM night for the year and we are trying to make it a special one, as we are reuniting with our people la boutique before the holidays.

be prepared to check back to our website time and again to get all the christmas goodies that we are gonna post – starting next sunday, december 23rd. from tracks to mixtapes, to online movies and some nice giveaways. ps – we are gonna do a big rundown on this years favourite tunes by all our djs.
sorry for the delay on the mixtape site and on the top tunes section. we are currently working on it and will have it fixed by tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing you all again on this promising night.

ps – check our YUM YUM vinyls that were all city 2 weeks ago