new Comic book & a brandnew YUM YUM this Friday & Registratur closing



Enjoy our new and fine YUM YUM Comic of April 20th and also the new YUM YUM Comic of April 21st – i know its a week too late (way too late fella) but we had plenty of things going on and were busy doing new Artwork that is gonna be on the streets and simply everywhere by tomorrow.

We did our beloved Vinyls with sprayed Artwork on them and will hang them up throughout the city. If you see any feel free to pick them up. Last time they were gone in day – some even in a couple of hours. Think Ralph Wiggum and the Marshmellow Man. A full online gallery of this little Street/Art project by YUM YUM will be posted by Wednesday.

Real busy doing some new versions – the new YUM YUM top tune selection will be posted Wednesday morning if not before. Our top tune pick will blow your head off. I had the tune spinning in my ear and had it on my mind for the last week or so. A real winner.

00SurferGirl3_1.jpgAs you have all noticed the Registratur will be closing down at the end of June – we still don´t know if it´s for good or not – but we will keep you updated. Until then we will make YUM YUM a weekly thing which will go down every Friday nightstarting this Friday and ending on june 23rd, in a couple of weeks. So enjoy the final weeks of YUM YUM until we know more or figure out if we are gonna move or what is gonna happen next. Enjoy the time and make it our. As noted above – plenty of new music coming your way and a brandnew YUM YUM will go down this Friday with Chrome & San Gabriel (Data Mc) – a good friend as well as area 2 rulers Gringo & company.

So tune in the brandew YUM YUM radio (which still has its many flaws – but hey – at least there is one) and drop by this Friday May 4th to see how sweet music can really be. We are in for a Massive Night ladies and gents and i am looking forward to it. See you Friday night and Wednesday (on this very site) to check the artwork and the new Top Tune Selection for May.