New YUM YUM this Friday, January 18th


1843.jpgYes, a new YUM YUM coming your way. This friday night the deejaying duties will be left to Chrome & Flo keller. With our new January top tune selection and a lot more new versions coming your way this week. The Chuck Berry/ Nas Remix is taking longer than expected but will be finished this week. The previously posted mix had a nice mixdown to it but arrangement wise way too many flaws. Another new Erykah Badu piece is close to completion which incorporates 2 classic samples that take her voice all the way back to the mellow soulful days of early 80ies funk. The same goes for a Jay-Z track entitled American Gangster which we reproduced and sent on a powerful backing track, for it really to catch the impact of the movie (This one is really a winner and my favourite track in over 1 year). Count on these three new tracks somewhen by the end of the week and check out some YUM YUM Soul tunes which are currently in our crates.

Ps. dont forget to check Tand Williams latest mixtape containing old & classic YUM YUM reggae tunes, which we will be giving out this Friday.