Oasis “Wonderwall” Remix Competition


wonderwall.jpgA couple of weeks ago we put the Wonderwall Acapella online and called out for a Remix competition. A lot of people send us mixes, up to you to decide – how they are, i am gonna save my judgement on this one, and a lot of people (actually most) entered the contest but didnt come up with results in time. So the winner of this competition is gonna be whoever gets the most downloads by next week, so tell your friends, but be fair and do not download your own track a gazillion times. I count on your fairness (or not). Either way, whoever has the most downloads by next Monday wil get that a pair of sneakers his choice from either Amen or Double 8 sneaker connoisseur shops in munich.

The other guys told me not to post the ones i felt were no good and i have to say this one more time: It is not up to me to decide, because these are not YUM YUM tunes. It is up to the listeners. So good luck to each and everyone, but i didnt post the dozens of mails where the vocals weren’t even tight. Now thats a minimum!!!
Here are all the competitiors & “Wonderwall” Remixes (God, by now i hate this song-lol) and some are seriously playable (even 2 face i recognize sent me one), and another two by Dj Excel from Phily and a YUM YUM version will be posted here on Wednesday – which are not part of the competition:

1. REMIX by Haperactive

2. Rmx by iGadget & Jim Dunlop

3. crashtv Remix

4. Kid Swelter Rmx (Africa)

5. “Processed Wonderwall” DJY ALias JY

6. “Fonky Wonderwall” Dan Gerous

7. “No Wonderwall” Dan Gerous

8. Nickelz Rmx

9.  JD_Stuart Remix

10. John Wayne crazy Mix

11. “D Construction Edit”  – this guy picked up producing in a crash course, cause he wanted to do a mix so badly, chatted me up a couple of times, what software to get and so forth (big up for that) – thats the spirit dude
PS Oasis Trivia: Did you know that both them Gallagher brothers got their fronts punched out of their mouths in munich some years ago, when they started acting up, by two non spectacular dudes?