Hello? Is anyone out there actually realizing what is going on? It might very well be that we are just inches away from a global catastrophe which could wipe us of the earths crust. With the latest developments in Fukushima it becomes clear that we created quite a few monsters we are not able to handle any more, and I´m not just talking about atomic energy. We should have already learned that from Chernobyl and Three Mile Island.

The monsters I´m even more afraid of are the societies we have created. It truly is a brave new world, where no one seems to care what is happening outside of their own interests, and even those interests are  in most cases not even  your own but carefully handed to you over the course of years. Aldous Huxley  was right when he spoke  of the truth being drowned in a sea of irrelevance. Just look around you…  Those systems designed by men to serve us all and protect us from lunatics are only serving their own interests and are ran by lunatics themself. Democracy my ass, it is merely a word –  what if I told you it is not what you take it for?

In most cases it needs major catastrophes for mankind to learn about its mistakes but I´m afraid that this is something we can not afford at this point. We are not only ending our own existence but almost all life on this planet. To quote Paul Stamets: “Imagine there would be a vote of all living organisms on this planet to determine whether we should be on or off the earth. What would you imagine the outcome to be like?” We do not only have to adjust we need a paradigm shift. Stop thinking in terms of countries, politics, armies and so on. Those things only exist because everyone is allowing them to exist and they are failing in every possible way right now. Again –  just look!  Not saying they didn´t have a purpose at one point in time, we have come a long way, but time is running out right now! The idea of anarchy always seems radical to people and the image attached to it is that of some lazy teenagers begging for coins but I could see a world without artificial authorities where everyone contributes to society in a way he is cut out for.

After all we are still a part of nature and therefore already equipped with everything to live a life full of meaning and purpose and we don´t have to go back to caves in order to do so. It is not the accomplishments  mankind came up with that got us separated from nature but the way we intend to use them

So please do something. If this upsets you – be upset! Speak about it. Contribute in every possible way to make this a world worth living in – for us and for future generations to come. Change always happens from within – I know there are many weary people out there but it has to hit some point of critical mass to really make a difference. Don´t just let yourself drown in this Sea of Irrelevance, there is plenty of time left to enjoy GTA  and so on once we face and solve the real dangers of our time.

Here is a great find via reddit – The Declaration of Evolution – Timothy Leary , and while it has some years on its back it is as actual as it ever was

I know this is a music blog and I´m sorry if this has disturbed you in any way. It is just that this is as pressing as it gets and when we fuck up this time there is no more music to enjoy, no more parties to go and also no world left for our children…