if the world could vote the US president


if the world could vote the US president

What the hell is wrong with albania and the former yugoslavian republic of macedonia? Is just out of respect for the elderly that they are pro McCain?

Ps i am really tired of the whole media coverage. Mccains evil and Obamas a slick fella (and woo hoo he is the first black prez of the US. I was hoping for Michael Jordan by the way). And there is no doubt about it that he is gonna make it. We all- the entire “outside of the US/ the other 98% of the planet” – are hoping for it, but at the same time… it is as if the past 8 years have just disappeared and everybody accepts the concept of the newly resocialized US being a good world power again. Well a system has to be revolutionized for that the same mistakes do not happen again. And Obma is a good start but the US system has alot to make up for and excuses and ass kissing to do. But honestly it all has nothing to do with the new world that is taking shape right in front, within and around of us.. no one is talking about that. The global mind state is changing drastically at an exponentially accelerating pace.

One thing that won’t change though, even when Obama is prez,  is this:

“If Kenya has 3 apples and the US want these apples, how many apples does Kenya have?” (borrowed from the amazing John Oliver standup – correspondent for the Daily show.