this Thursday YUM YUM Special at Registratur with The Rub Djs from New York City


pigpen.gifthis “Thursday” September 21st we will have a little YUM YUM Special at Registratur with some extra special guest DJs from New York City: The Rub. They are pretty much the best party in New York for the last three years from what i hear. It is very close to what we do with YUM YUM on this side of the ocean, and their press reviews speak for themselves. The night will be a monster of a party with our three guest djs alongside Tand and Chrome as parasol.jpghomegrown ammo. Here is the POSTER/FLYER for this THURSDAY. Enjoy their website with its unique selection of mp3 material and songs they are gonna play. So if you are hanging somewhere close to this side of the ocean or wasting your life at the Oktoberfest come by the YUM YUM Special and have a dance YUMYUMSpecial.jpg& drink, because there sure isn’t anything as good stopping by Munich anytime soon. YUM YUM Sound from New York is something that we are really looking forward to.
Also enjoy this months YUM YUM Top Tune selection and go ahead and enjoy our liitle sneak preview of next months new YUM YUM tunes: A neat little YUM YUM edit of “Time after time”, by Cindy Lauper.
See you this Thursday. Big tings a gwaan. Massive night ahead.
ps the next regular YUM YUM is in two weeks on October 6th.