“Keep your head above water
But don’t forget to breathe”

– Alexi Murdoch


Breathing. I am pretty sure most of us never really think about this process. Of course not. It’s almost the only thing that works without thinking about it. Besides I often have the feeling there are too many things around me to think about or my mind just thinks by itself because its used to doing it all the time. So, dear mind, let us think about breathing. It’s the most essential thing we need to do to stay alive. And then we go on wasting our thoughts on all kinds of other things. Doesn’t sound logical at all, right?Breathe_chromemusic

Whenever you feel overwhelmed by your daily routines, your constant phone ringing, your browsers numerous open tabs and your uncontrollably spinning mind – just open this link below. Nothing more.
It’s genius – just breathe!


LINK: breathe in and out