Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly “Collapsing Cities” prod by Shy FX


Glad to see that GCWCF has a new song out, seems that he is also working with the right people. Shy FX has been around forever and also a gurantee for great tunes and remixes. Shy is also a close affiliate & colleague of some of our people, and i remember how i excited i was when i was buying his tunes o 12″s, Eps etc in the mid nineties from Blackmarket when i was staying in London. We were recently thinkg about bringing GCWCF over to Germany as we did with so many other rising artists. Chromemusic has been a fan of his for the longest and just telling by the response i get by playing some of their cover versions, this could easily be some really fun-filled shows. Really hard for me to tell how big they really are (appear to be big ib the Uk), since so little is known about him and hardly people know about him over here. Mtv exposure does not really count anymore, since nobody is watching that channel (or any channel) really anymore.

So how would you like a show by GCWCF? Let us know on facebook!

more tunes by get cape wear cape fly on chromemusic and some of the mixtape we put him on.