Waiting for the Silver Surfer – and why Hollywood fu%@ed up again


galactus3(2).jpgThe coolest hero in the comic world is coming to the big screen, too bad it is in the sequel to one of the worst comic adaptions in recent years – the Fantastic Four. At least the new one is entitled “FF2 – the rise of the Silver Surfer”.

    But after seeing the preview where the Surfer looked real cool (and is gonna have the voice of Larry Fushburne) you of course expect to see the Heralds Master “Galactus”, but here is what will really spoil the movie for every Marvel fan.
    (How could you..?, Why would you..? What the…? plus too many YYYs)
    Galactus is a cloud(?) – as opposed to what Galactus really looks like.
    Yes, he is a force of nature in the Marvel universe but he has a face and one of the coolest looks for a Marvel character.
    Shame on german film makers for buying film rights, which they can’t or won´t bring to the big screen (for whatever reasons).
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