I remember seeing the Berlin one first (of course) then next came Munich and after that different ones just started popping up almost hourly (insert gif). They’re like sarcastic gif tumblrs and indie city guides, from the perspectives of locals ( moved or born there), on how to save yourself a lot of embarrassments when visiting. After someone on Facebook sent me a link to Innsbruck and Münster i figured that we went too far (please insert gif here). So a short sum up is overdue

Some blogs are called “When you live in…”and some “When you really live in…”. Especially Berlin and Munich felt the urge to put a “Really” in the middle and set things straight. I guess it’s like the cooler 90ies rappers calling their music “Real” Hip Hop when compared to the likes of Euro Trash Rappers, you get the point. And that’s why i only linked the “Really” titled blogs for Berlin & Munich plus they are funnier and in most cases – from my perspective – more accurate.


Berlin ::: Munich ::: Stuttgart ::: Hamburg ::: Bochum ::: Cologne ::: Dortmund ::: Freiburg ::: Hannover ::: Münster ::: Augsburg ::: Bonn ::: Frankfurt


Amsterdam ::: London ::: Zürich ::: Barcelona ::: Lisbon ::: Vienna ::: Innsbruck ::: Ankara

Ps You are doing it wrong:

A lot of smaller cities have way too many generalizations ie. ‘when your ex hooks up with your bff”. Looking at you IBK and that’s how i feel about it.

Ps Enjoy it while it lasts: