*** Xmas Present for you (Merry Christmas)


gifts.jpgHere are our litlle Xmas gifts (we prefer xmas to christmas – like Futurama does): click on the cd icons to listen or download the full Mixcds YUM YUM vol.3 & YUM YUM Vol 4. Exclusively online for a week. Right click and save target as if you want to download the full shabang and simply click on it to listen to them via directlink. In either case have fun with the ever flourishing YUM YUM Sound. Catch you soon. Ps- YUM YUM Top Tunes 2006 POLL RESULTS posted below. More news,goodies and funnies by Wednesday.
YUM YUM Vol3YUMYUMvol3.jpg and the latest Mix YUM YUM vol4YUMYUMvol4.jpg