Kehraus party tomorrow @ Registratur


kehraus-kelin.jpgAll of us are still recovering from a big, bad and heavy weekend. But the party is far from over with tomorrows Kehraus Special @ Registratur which will put a stop to all Fasching activities. Will start as early as 14:00 while everybody is gonna start drinking at noon. Not forgetting that tomorrow is a half-day holiday after 1:00 p.m. Will be a nice dance @ Registratur with Ben Jammin, Chrome and old time friends Bob & Al from Pistola #1 and Ferris Bueller (Notfx & Max) who did a great job last Friday at YUM YUM. The music selection fot Tuesdays Kehraus will be a Megamash of YUM YUM sounds and Djs, playing their very own versions, Soul & Funk Music, all time classics, some serious 80ies tunes, Hip Hop and Reggae favourites and of course some beat infected mashes. Ps Disguises welcome..