YUM YUM coming this Friday & New Top Tune Selection


cbrown112304.jpgA new month starts this Friday December 1st, which also brings us to our very first YUM YUM in December. Well Winter finally kicked in and damn did it got cold and freezy overnight (as suggested by our peanut picture), which means we wil have to turn our heat up this Friday with the latest tunes. A new month also means a new YUM YUM Top Tune selection – which is Badu.jpggonna be online tomorrow/ Thursday and boy this one is gonna be real special (Ps the Badu picture to your left indicates that there is an Erykah Badu version on the list this month). So check back tomorrow for an all exclusive list. Ps the Dj list is as it goes: Chrome & Marek (good to have an old friend back – after such a long time) as well as Gringo & Flo next Door – doing their thang. Gonna be a biggie.. Ps Enjoy the new goodies below.
Also: All music links fixed & working + last weeks pics from Nov 17th are back online.