YUM YUM review of last Friday



Unbelievable Night & Unbelievable Dance.. YUM YUM is growing and blooming. Last Friday was off the hook. Can’ t believe it took me just some fun to re-realize what i was doing all along and find the fun in it. Smiling faces everywhere i looked and a completely mellowed out crowd that was friendly, loving and caring and cherishing every single tune. An unbelieveable energy that somehow becomes one with every open person involved. A smile is all it took me. Totally looking forward to another new YUM YUM night. A dancing crowd that didn’t and simply couldn’t leave for the love of heaven. We were one. Can’t wait for more.


Thanks for making mine YUM YUM and ps. Love’s gonna getcha
PS: check out our YUM YUM Top Tune selection for August (No.2 &3 will be working from tomorrow on)
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