YUM YUM reviews (way too late) & new one next Friday.


yyDec_1.jpgLast week we had two YUM YUM nights – the first one was our anniversary in Munich showcasing Chrome & Schowi, who did another excellent performance, in his own & unique style. Good thing Chris reanimated Schowis Laptop, so at about shortly past one his macbook was working again and it was back to buisness. That’s why we split the timetable a bit different than planned, cause i already did a solid 2 hours in the beginning. Great outstanding dance with a great performance by Schowi. And i had them singing long after the lights went on.
PS: I Love playing this Version of Fergie & James Brown and you seem to dig it too. Just telling from the sheer reaction. Just wait till you beach_spot.jpghear next months top tune selection. Was a serious Bday bash and i lost my voice another shirt and my abstinence, but it was unavoidbale and we all had a blast. here is the proof (download the zip & unpack it – just saying) : Bday Photos By Chris Faber .
Speaking of the 2nd Blast: here is what happened at YUM YUM Nrw on snoop1 Kopie.gifsaturday with Max mausser and Tand spinning nothing but Faves and bringing Carnage to the dancefloor. Went down like a piece of Butter in a frying pan. Here is a picture gallery. Make sure to notice that the drunkies are the djs (and everybody else). It was Tands Birthday so that is what kept fueling the engines even long after the bar closed down. Well they didn’t break melons.jpgfrom getting wild so Max stayed in Nrw to play at another venue with Tand. Namely today in Bochum at Nachtfrequenz. They are playing the main floor from what i understood.

To Sum it all up – a new and fresh YUM YUM coming your way next Friday, december 1st and of course a new monthly selection by next week. So stay tuned and enjoy all the goodies, give me some feedback pig_pen Kopie.gifon the free jay_Z album. More goodies below, and a whole new set of sound coming your way next week. Mighty new tunes & Massve night ahead of us.