YUM YUM Top Tunes for June & plenty new Summer Music


sam-cooke-sad-songs-spinner-220.jpgWhile i am gone, here is a playlist for the summer. We will make a return in september and have a midsummer YUM YUM on August the 4th. But more on that in the next couple of weeks. There will still be a monthly YUM YUM Top Tune selection posted during our break. So stay tuned and enjoy. These fine tunes are destined to sweeten your summer. Here is our YUM YUM Top Tune selection for June & the summer so far.

  1. So Fresh So Clean” Outkast vs Marvin Gaye ´Let´s get it on´- B.cause. Too of my favourite tracks of all times mixed together. Can´t go wrong and more mellow than this Marvin tune. Video version of Marvins Original Song.
  2. “Stop Me” Mark Ronson vs Chicken Lips. Simply an excellent Dance tune.
  3. We all want the same thing” Kevin Michael & Lupe Fiasco. A Soul tune that was just destined to land on my playlist. A nice summery vibe with all that pop, soul, funk, retro feel that made me get into NeoSoul at first.
  4. Different Places” (Video Version) – Gentleman is back with a biggie that is simply uplifting. If you are not from Germany its probably hard to get his vibe. This guy is a Popstar down here and almost solely builds the mainstream opposition to all the dark negative music that´s out in the popular media. Buy his new Album.
  5. Body Baby” Brandnew Pharoahe Monch – Funniest Song this year and a definite Floor Stormer. The D&B Mix and the Dub version are equally sharp killers too. Only Video version available. But the video is funny as hell. A mix of `Elvis´ and `Little Miss Sunshine´.
  6. Stronger” Kanye West vs Daft Punk, sounds cheesy at first but really gets to you after a while and works hell on the floor. Sounds like a Mashup but its an actual song. His new album seems to be the very best one he put out so far. Give him support in Sept.
  7. Gotta Work” new Amerie tune: Back on everybodys playlist with this outstanding production by no other than YUM YUM favourite Rich Harrison, who is responsible for Beyonces `Crazy in Love´& Ameries previous stomper Ã’ne Thing´. Support her by buying the entire Album.
  8. P.D.A.(We just don´t care)” by John Legend. Video Version. The track is actually a couple of months old by now, but i keep on playing it and i this one is just a summery vibe for the two of you. Lovely Music made for Lovers.
  9. Stay Up” – 88 Keys ft Kanye West & Poet Malik Yusef (Snippet) – One of my favourite producers – 88 Keys finally makes a return and K West seems to be everywhere these days. A perfect summer tune. To bad its just a snippet and Malik comes a bit short. The more reason to get his Album. On some mellow 70ies Roy Ayres vibe.
  10. My Bands Jealous Humps” Martin Solveig vs D12 & Fergie. Funny ass tune. Available only as a Mashup-Video via NickyT´s multiply site.
  11. Bittersweet” – Kanye West vs John Mayer. Really works, with uplifting, positive vocals on domestic violence. A mellow tune for the After Hours. Via excellent site: culturebully.com
  12. Dj Klever vs R.Kelly “Trick” – Killer floor mix of an otherwise cheesy track. Really can´t handle Kelly but this Rmx transforms it into a bright ray of summer sunshine.
  13. If you can´t say Love” by the Visionaries Crew from California. Very positive new track by this WestCoast Underground act. Video Version.
  14. Everything Man” – a mellow, mellow killer by Talib Kweli. He is finally back with a follow up to last years killer tune `Listen. Make sure to buy this one as soon as it drops in mid July. via analoggiant.com. (no direct link – scroll the site)
  15. More or less” Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek – are back together for the first time in years. Welcome back Reflection Eternal. Video version.

the original tune which our # 1 spot has covered so unconventionally is called “Stop me if you think you have heard this one before” and is an original by 80ies legends The Smiths.