YUM YUM Top Tunes Selection for May



YUM YUM Top Tune selection for May: No1 is our very favourite in some time now- and it feels good to hear that song being played loud. The next YUM YUM is this Friday night, May 4th @ Registratur.

1. “Your Love (Higher and Higher)”
-Â Jackie Wilson Re-edit (YUM YUM)
2. “Stop Me” – Mark Ronson & D.Merriweather
3. “Tainted Love” – Reggae Rework
4. “Kingston Lighters” – Jstar
5. “All this Time”– Klanguage
6. “Love Me” – Sam Cooke

The photogallery of the YUM YUM Art Vinyls will be online this afternoon, after we have received all the photos. See you back in a second.