…”but, they just added a kick to that song”…

Everybody’s favourite Austrian beatmakers make a sweet mix out of tender and well known indie anthems by bands like Angus & Julia Stone, Bon Iver and basically all the music every alternative, hipster cafe has played during daytime for the last couple of years. Well they get a lot of criticism from the guys that call themselves real “electronic producers” and i hear that a lot when we meet, but one thing should be taken in consideration when criticizing someone for just adding a kick or doing minor productions on finished tracks… When you go out to dinner, it’s not the amount of ingredients and spices that counts but whatever gets served on your plate. And sometimes, or actually quite often, less is more. Take the italian or the japanese cuisine for example and their simple but carefully selected ingredients of just one or two spices like olive oil and some good salt, that makes every tomato taste better.  It still tastes like the very same tomato, enriched with a few rewarding flavours.

“why make edits at all?”

Same goes for this whole edit game that took flight on Soundcloud over the past few years. Apart from the overproduced US EDM tools that are more marketing than anything this is another one of the common trends on Soundcloud. Edit a simple song and make it danceable for the floor. And with their Warner release of Bedouin Soundclashs’ Brutal Hearts ft Coeur de Pirate you will wonder if they have done any production at all compared to the original, but the result and that thumping kick will have you grooving once on the floor. We will see how good their own productions fare, and you can be justifiably sceptical, for we have seen too many edit creators fail as actual musicians, but when it comes to simple edits for your house game: Point proven and case closed. Enjoy these 18 selected edits of some already lovely tracks!