Lovely, lovely music, that is all i can say…

The perfect ‘wake up on a bright summer morning’ soundtrack or when you are chilling in a hammock, any time of day. They labeled it R&B and if that’s what R&B sounds like from now on, sign me up – but they also labeled it Accoustic Soul and that’s so much more accurate. The 4th track “Sunny Day” is my favourite of the lot. If i’m not mistaken, that’s the girl from the ‘Internet’ (the band – duh). Her Soundcloud account says: “Music is love…growth is beautiful. Thanks for listening!”. Sounds like she is one of us.


[alert-note]Have a listen & share her music if you want to help an artist. She definitely deserves to be much better known.[/alert-note]

[alert-note]Ps here are some of her amazing cover versions. Again the vibe is beautiful, pure bliss. Just let her music ride you into the sunset.[/alert-note]

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