Alicia Keys & Nas “Falling For You” YUM YUM Version


m197707600001.jpgFalling For You (YUM YUM Version)“. Had to throw this together. A nice version of a couple of good old tracks and that new Alicia Keys tune “No One”. With tons of remixes circulating a more floor friendly was missing… And instead of playing the old retro hiphop i rather like to incorporate it into new tracks and play them through the new mixes. “Falling For You” consists of one of my fave drumbreaks, replayed by Schu on his MPC, some 3 years ago for our old Live Band “the Beat Brothers”, which was some kind of a Live Mashup Band. This very break was first originally used by Slick Rick on “Mona Lisa” in 1988 and later on used for the Method Man/ Mary J Blige “You’re all i need” Remix in 1995. Both these tracks were killer tunes in their own time. On top goes an absolutely classic acapella that is very rare: Nas’ “The World is Yours”, one of the stand out tracks from his omni-influential album “Illmatic” in 1994. ***Enjoy this YUM YUM version of the new Alicia Keys track and make sure to play it out loud.