“I don’t know about y’all but I know about us and uh, It’s the only way we know how to rock…”

alicia keys usher my boo reggae remixDon’t really like the 2004 original that much, but this remix here is something special. The reggae vibes transform it into something else – taking out all the cheesiness or actually bringing out the full cheesiness and making it one of those crowd tunes where the ones who care oh so much about their coolness go “I don’t like it but i am acting like i’m loving it, cause that’s how sarcastic i can get” and the ones who are there to enjoy themselves turn instantly into a happy crowd. The choise is up to you if you are still gonna be caught up in appearances and depending on someone elses appreciation (out of fear, cause that’s what insecurities and complexes are) or if you are just gonna enjoy the moments given, always conscious of the consequences of your actions (so no, yolo and intellectual mindfucks do not apply here). This tune is one of those sing a long – happy crowd is happy kind of songs that you can play at any point of the night, if you’re a dj. And if you are not, these observations are irrelevant… Enjoy the lovely song (ps yes i know its actually an Usher song, but hey my old record sleeve says Alicia Keys, so that’s settled for me)