All New Versions & remixes +++ next YUM YUM in 12 days


379147326_7a785c83a7_o.jpgNow this is gona be new to the site: Every now and then (but at least once a month) the lot of us will remix a certain track and post the various versions here. Last week we took on the new Mary J. Blige single: “Just Fine”. Found an acapella version and we had to come up with something. Well you are gonna get to hear them all next Friday at YUM YUM. (next one is on December 7th).
All new versions and remixes are in highq 256 kbit resolution. Its up to you to love and hate. PS come back on december 1st to see our all new top tunes selection. So far don’t forget to check out all YUM YUM mixtapes here.
While i already did a YUM YUM version (or more a remix) of that very same song last week with “One Fine Morning (YUM YUM Version)” – here are the 5 new “fine” versions and reworks.

Tand Williams: “Fine (Miss You Edit)” via zshare

Tommy: “Just Fine” (Nas Edit) via zshare

Max Mausser: “A fine holiday” via zshare

Tom/ Notfx: “Mary goes ratatat” via zshare

Dan: “Fine” (MJB vs MJ) via zshare