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So Ladyhawkes “Paris is burning” has been one of my favourite tracks for like 6-7 months. had it playing on repeat while i was travelling asia and every other place i have been to this far. had it in our YUM YUM top tune selection since last year and so forth… On June 30th it wil finally be released on Modular Records and i can finally stop playing this rubbisch 160 kbit version that i have.

Check Ladyhawkes myspace site for more infos and music. Her regular website is worth another trip.
Also the long overdue video “Paris is burning” on youtube

Did you know that Ladyhawke was one of the crappiest movies of the 80ies..

Here are some Paris versions (still nothing beats the original – even more versions out , but these are worth noticing):

1. “Paris.. (original version)

2. “Paris.. (alex gopher remix)

3. “Paris.. (chicken lips zeefung beatdown