There are many people who love me and you every single day, if you just let them. We forget about that and take them for granted, in the heat of the moment, in the speed of thought, and we forget to be thankful for them simply being here. I was there for them when they simply needed a shoulder, some comforting or simply being listened to and without asking they are here for me in return. I listened to them and without any ambition of advice, at most just hints, whenever they needed it and no matter where on earth they were, what country or under what circumstances and some of them return every last bit of it. You guys know who you are. The best advice i ever received was to “slow down” all the way. And right now here i am romping through life trying to get from one moment to the next. But i am given pure love and attention by those who have always offered me their kindness, and with some i had patience and still some are double-faced, but it’s their own wrongdoing in the long run – for i will not join them on that path. Just a friendly face and some kind words do not change the vibrations you are emitting and at the end you are just hurting yourself. But i forgive you all, forgive myself and love you equally much. There might be a distance but there is also a dream and a vision to hold on to – drifting through life guided by the light that you are. And being a dreamer isn’t such a bad thing. For i have always seen people in colours and auras. I want to thank my friends for being the good people they are, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all – you know who you are.