Ben Mono “Jesus was a B-Boy” ShirKhan Remix


1332181731_66228cf4cc.jpgShow a little love and support Bens latest effort by going out and purchasing one of the many formats its being put out on – it will make Michi smile (Rheinboth). Ben Mono is homegrown and does great things – music wise and is a great guy as well. And almost forgot to mention that he is one of our residents at YUM YUM Berlin and this man is a personal friend and good guy overall. Check out his South American tour pics over at where he writes for this blog we are all just starting to run together. Join him over at facebook, and leave that myspace alone. So enjoy his latest effort remixed by ShirKahn – this midtempo madnes will truly mashup the dance. It already came out end of august but i am lazy.

Ben Mono “Jesus was a B-Boy” ShirKhan Remix (zshare)
Ps it is true – Jesus was a B-Boy (if that means revolutionary). Just read Thomas Aquinas who had it right in the 12th centrury.  Or listen to some BDP – KRS-1 from 1991.

(pic J.C. with Luke Skywalker and Barbie – Hollywood ca 1977)