Bob Marley “Lively up yourself” Remix Competition


Bild 21.pngHad it announced for last week, but here it finally is, and i wanted to make sure that this one is properly done. First off we are gonna have our final entry date on November 8th, so send me your remixes within the next month. We will make sure to have it properly posted and we will have a proper voting system for the people to judge. Everyone will get a single vote, so there won’t be anymore zshare fuckups, and there won’t be no way that you can Bush yourself to the top. The winner will get a pair of sneakers from connoisseur shop Amen in munich. Just like the Oasis Rmx Comp winner Dj Y Alias JY did.

To even make it sweeter i picked a track that is 65 bpm in its original tempo, meaning you can easily turn it into a 130 bpm monster, whether Bmore, some serious 4/4 or just an uptempo anthem. And to make it even more sweet i will not only get the you the full Acapella but all the single tracks from the original recording. Packed into three differnent zip files.

So send me a mail until November 8th, we will have our online poll start on November 10th and will run for week. Also it is alright if you activate your friends and send them over to vote, but like i said this time everyone will get one vote and that’s it. Good Luck and have much fun doing it.
1. “Lively up yourself” All Vocals (Lead & Backgr)

2. “Lively up yourself” All Drums (Bd, Kicks, Hi’s etc)

3. “Lively up yourself” All Instruments (Bass, Piano, Guitar, etc)