“Cameroon Boy” Rub A Dub Shakedown Rmx



Cameroon Boy – Rub a Dub Shaekdown Rmx by Chrome

FTW – On some dancehall fx noise, love Ruskos Tune and one more Rihanna Montana Rmx cant hurt. This is the new Testament… not!! LOL  if you want a 320 for whatever reason drop me a line (comments) or on twitter


True Story by my buddy Passion from Bass Ill Euro: Some bright germans were requesting the tune “Cameroon Boy” very pushy while Passion was playing. He obviously never heard of the song and said he didnt have that tune on him, but they didnt quit. They kept on bothering him and they even went as far as to claim that it was an official world cup song, bc the WC is in Africa, and Cameroon is a part of Africa (Wow!). At the end of the night, when the Alcohol, stripped off all shyness, they were even singing the song for him…

They misheard the lyrics to Rihannas “Rude Boy” and turned it into “Cameroon Boy”.

OMG111 another moronic case of Snaps classic “Agathe Bauer” hahahaha