Feast your eyes on feast. Sorry, I just had to. This three DJ team is new to the scene and about to get WAVVVY this Saturday night. Clear off your schedule and come through to the MIAO Bar, we are set to get deep.

1) What sounds has influenced Feast. thus far?

Nu-Disco, Deep-House, Tech-House, UK Garage, Indie, also some Singer/Songwriter stuff.

2) Who would you like to collaborate with?

Right now we are working with different vocalists and other musicians on new features. We started working on remixes, but we are focussing more on our own releases now.

3) How do you pick a song to remix? For instance, how did you pick “The Light?”

If it’s catchy and has a good vibe it’s always a good base to start working on it. The main reason to pick a track for us is that it inspires us, and gives us a need to have our own interpretation of it. I guess we picked Sbtrkt’s “The Light” because the original version acts like an interlude as it has no drums, but we thought that edited it has the potential to be a club track.

4) Who should we be listening to?

There are countless artists who are worth listening to, so we can’t even figure out where to start. Maybe start with some of our label and booking mates like Milky Chance, James Hersey, Lakechild, LEEX, Kafka Tamura or the wonderful new indie band Kytes. We thought about naming some records you must have, but everyone involved in Feast. has a different musical background so the decision process would end in an huge argument.

5) What are some personalities we should follow on Facebook and/or Instagram?

That’s a hard one for us. We can’t really tell you one, because we don’t really follow many people, except our friends and some artists we really like.

6) Favorite sub-genre of House?

When it comes to producing, definitely Deep-House, when we are playing a set in a club we enjoy playing more Tech-House.

7) What should we expect to hear this Saturday?

As we have the pleasure to play the whole evening, we will be able to put a lot of material in the set. You can expect some Deep-House, Tech-House, Nu-Disco and even some Soul-Edits. We are probably gonna play some unreleased stuff as well.

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